Scent Pairing: The Art of Aromatic Alchemy

Pairing scents to create balanced scented candles involves understanding the notes of each fragrance and how they complement each other. Typically, a well-rounded fragrance blend includes top, middle, and base notes. Here's a guide to pairing our categories to create harmonious scented candles:

Floral with Herbal

  • Floral and Herbal combinations are classic. The sweetness of floral scents like Lavender and Rose pairs well with the earthy, green notes of Herbal scents like Rosemary and Basil, creating a balanced and refreshing aroma.
    • Example: Lavender (Floral) with Clary Sage (Herbal) for a soothing and calming candle.

Floral with Citrus

  • Floral and Citrus blends are vibrant and uplifting. The brightness of Citrus cuts through the sweetness of Floral scents, making for a lively and energetic mix.
    • Example: Jasmine (Floral) with Bergamot (Citrus) for an invigorating and mood-boosting candle.

Woody with Spicy

  • Woody and Spicy combinations offer warmth and depth. Woody notes provide a solid base for the warmth and excitement of Spicy scents, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance.
    • Example: Sandalwood (Woody) with Cinnamon (Spicy) for a warm and comforting candle.

Woody with Earthy

  • Woody and Earthy scents blend seamlessly, grounding and balancing each other. This combination evokes the essence of nature and provides a calming, stabilising atmosphere.
    • Example: Cedarwood (Woody) with Patchouli (Earthy) for a deep, meditative candle.

Citrus with Fresh

  • Citrus and Fresh scents are perfect for creating a clean, energising candle. The zestiness of Citrus paired with the crispness of Fresh scents like Eucalyptus offers a revitalising and refreshing experience.
    • Example: Lemon (Citrus) with Fresh Linen (Fresh) for a clean and uplifting candle.

Sweet with Spicy or Herbal

  • Sweet and Spicy or Sweet and Herbal pairings create intriguing, multi-layered fragrances. The sweetness can be balanced by the spiciness or the herbal freshness, making for a complex and appealing scent.
    • Example: Vanilla (Sweet) with Star Anise (Spicy) or Peppermint (Herbal) for a candle that’s both comforting and stimulating.

Floral with Sweet

  • Floral and Sweet combinations are romantic and soft. The natural, soft sweetness of Floral scents complements the indulgent, comforting essence of Sweet fragrances, crafting a lush, inviting aroma.
    • Example: Rose (Floral) with Honey (Sweet) for a rich and luxurious candle.


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